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All Things Bright and Beautiful All Creatures Great and Small Hi! My name is Shaheen Saeed and welcome to the world of beauty where our clients go back with a big smile, not only by the appearances but complete inner satisfaction. We have achieved this goal through a long 20 years of hard work and perseverance. Every day of my work begins with the same passion and challenges that eventually pays off when the bride so content after long hours of artistic which has been worked upon her. The result comes from the wedding's camera, videos and of course the verbal appreciation from the guests and not to mention gossip! SHAHEEN SAEED'S STUDIO is located in Zamzama and the clients keep on coming for as long as the establishment of the salon itself. My clients get their appointment 6 to 8 months in advance and some times I have to travel abroad especially to USA, UK, UAE and India to cater to their needs. I often travel to European countries to get my make up products and get latest update from there. I received numerous awards for my work and was nominated twice for LUX STYLE AWARDS. At the moment I have side line all the awards and other ceremonies and concentrate more on my personal clients.

My clients are just like a family member, I personally attend to their needs and for this reason I have not planned to open other branches that can be distracting and tiring. I work for them throughout the day with my professional team and get the feedback right away. This is the great achievement for us. The bride goes for her wedding ceremonies and we go home to get rest and waking up the next day with the same working spirit.

No matter how much the beauty industry is growing, my clients are more important to me. The bride's smile tells the whole story.

TCAW Global

TCAW Global

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